Map and vehicle list interaction

When working with our platform, the screen always shows the list of vehicles and trips, while at the same time never hides a map for quick reference. The map interacts with data selection that you make in the list. And it works the other way round, too.

Electronic log book

No more handwritten logs. Our electronic log book collects all data automatically. Need printed reports? Deeper data analysis? Precise online maps? You got it.

Interactive map directly on main screen

Where are all my vehicles at this very moment? That's what you know in an instant, right on the main page of our system. The map says it all at a glance.

Log book calendar view

The calendar tells you everything you need about all your vehicles at a specific time selection. You can easily see who was late at work yesterday or who used company car for a weekend camping trip.

Fuel consumption tracking

Our tracking platform is automatically checking fuel consumption of all vehicles. Along with the gas bills you have control over your fleet's fuel costs. And a powerful tool for identifying fuel theft.


Log books and other documents. Sophisticated reports, both printed and in different data formats.

User defined areas and points of interest

Select an area on a map. If any of your vehicles cross its boundaries, you will know. Set points of interest on a map, name them (warehouse, HQ, etc.) and make trip management easier.

Intelligent alerts

Never miss anything important. Schedule service checks or oil change according to mileage. Set up specific date, if you need to. Receive an alert when your vehicle crosses borders.